Photo-based, medication workflow system that offers configurable safety checks, data collection to support regulatory compliance, and analytics to monitor pharmacy operations.

Photo Documentation

Using only commercially available mobile devices and an Internet connection, all steps in the IV preparation process are documented and made available to Pharmacists for remote review and approval.


Customizable views provide at-a-glance information on IVs in the preparation workflow. Technicians know when and what to prepare. Pharmacists are alerted when compounds need to be approved. Audit logs, including photo capture, are recorded.

Record Components

Components used in the preparation process are provided and documented. The lot number and the expiration date are recorded for review by the pharmacies. Barcode scanning records to support validation of appropriate medication selection.

Workflow Management

Designed to fit your workflow, not change it.

Photo Documentation

Help improve medication error detection through photo verification of medication preparation & supports multiple photo stages within a flexible workflow.

Enablement of Remote Checking

Help reduce interruption of current staff workflows

Remote IV Approval

Maintains a policy of two-pharmacist approval with an audit trail of doses prepared and enablement of remote checking.

No Equipment

Easy to install; no proprietary equipment installed in pharmacy hoods and requires only broadband connectivity.

Mobile Ready

Customizable, lightweight, mobile-based solution. MedKeeper supplied iPads, scanners, and printers (if desired).

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