Nadja Gastelum

Software Implementation Consultant

Please describe your career path?

I've worked in the pharmacy industry for over a decade now with a variety of different experiences. I started my career as a pharmacy technician working in many different environments and spent majority of my time working as an inpatient IV technician. This role lead me to work for a centralized compounding pharmacy that produced anticipatory compounds such as controlled substances, Cardiopledgia Solutions, anesthesia medications and parental nutritional solutions for hospitals across the country. During my time with this company, I trained, supported, and assisted with implementations for new compounding processes such as IV workflows. As I transitioned into a different company my role expanded from teaching technicians to educating pharmacists, pharmacy managers, and directors on a variety of different inpatient and outpatient technology systems.

How did your previous roles help prepare you for what you are doing now?

I have a passion for teaching and training pharmacy technicians on the endless opportunities the pharmacy industry has to offer. My time as an Instructor and Implementation Technician/Lead Tech/Pharmacy Purchaser for different technology companies really allowed me to gain the skills and confidence of what it takes to be a Clinical Consultant for MedKeeper.

How would you describe the environment and culture of MedKeeper?

Oh my gosh, there are so many words that I could think of… I appreciate the relaxed culture but knowing that everyone is on the same page and is willing to go the extra mile to get the job done but most importantly satisfy all of the customer needs and expectations. My team works hard and I would say is more than 100% dedicated to executing the objectives. The people here are not only team oriented but genuinely supportive for each other.

What factors originally drew you to working for MedKeeper?

The people I talked to, the work ethic and dynamics between departments.

What advice do you have for current pharmacy technicians who may be interested in following a similar career path to yours?

There are so many opportunities out there with attainable/reasonable expectations. You just have to have the passion, drive and motivation to put yourself out there and take risks. It’s ok to feel vulnerable to be learning something new, because you never know what doors will open and most importantly, you’ll never discover your true strengths unless you try. Most importantly, always do it with 110%.

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