Medication kit, tray and cart management system to increase accuracy and safety while reducing time spent managing medication kits.

Inventory of Carts & Trays

Increasing drug shortages and recalls require time-consuming inspections of all carts, kits & trays.

Incorporates standard barcode and labeling technology, which is both affordable and commonplace in hospital pharmacies. Carts is 75% less expensive than the RFID competitors.

Cart Reconciliation & Expiring

PharmacyKeeper Carts keeps track of all your carts, kits and trays and alerts you to items before they expire. No longer will your staff need to take monthly inventory. Simply generate a list of expiring trays and replenish those kits proactively.

Audit by NDC, Barcode, & Lot Number

At any time, PharmacyKeeper Carts maintains a full inventory of every item in every cart, kit or tray in your facility. If there is a recall of a specific item/lot, simply enter that number and the system will generate a list of all items and locations where that drug is stored.

Inventory Management

Track individual lot numbers & expiration dates. Includes custom drug dictionary with alternate product selection. Effectively manage recalls.

Remote Management

Transfer to any location within your hospital network.

No Hardware

No proprietary equipment or repackaging services needed.

Manage Waste

Proactive management of expiring medications. Set par levels for each location with customized templates for all contingency supplies.

Minimize Shift Hours

No interruptions to current staff workflows and shift hours toward clinical activities and patient care.

Mobile Ready

No scanning equipment mounted on pharmacy counters.

"Medkeeper products allow Memorial Hermann to work more efficiently while promoting patient safety. PharmacyKeeper’s ease of use helps me focus on the big picture, because I don’t have to work at gaining team commitment."

Penny Smith, Pharmacy Manager, Memorial Hermann

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